About Us

Hunterarcy.com was founded in 2021 by lifelong hunter and archery enthusiast John Petric. John grew up in rural Wisconsin where hunting was a family tradition. Some of his earliest memories are of heading out before dawn with his father and grandfather, bows or rifles in hand.

By age 12, John was an experienced hunter and proficient with both firearms and archery. His parents gave him a crossbow for his 13th birthday and he spent countless hours mastering it on makeshift targets around the family’s wooded property. Throughout high school, John competed in archery tournaments and bowhunted small game like rabbits, grouse, and turkey.

After graduating college with a business degree, John worked as a sales rep for a major outdoor sporting goods company. He was responsible for managing accounts and advising customers on hunting products. During these 9 years on the job, John gained expertise in all types of bows, crossbows, arrows, scopes, releases, and accessories.

John also traveled North America hunting bigger game like whitetail deer, elk, bear, and moose. He field-tested products in harsh weather and under pressure to make the perfect shot. Over time, John became renowned among fellow hunters for his encyclopedic knowledge of archery and hunting gear.

In 2021, John decided to leave his sales job and launch Hunterarcy.com. He wanted to share his accumulated wisdom with fellow archers and hunters in an objective, non-commercial setting. The site started as a hobby reviewing crossbows and has grown into a comprehensive resource for all things archery and bowhunting.

Our Values

We strive to embody traditional virtues of patience, discipline, craftsmanship, and self-sufficiency. Our goal is to empower others in the hunting community through knowledge and ethical guidance.

At Hunterarcy.com we adhere to several core values:

Accuracy – We meticulously research every product review to provide carefully verified facts and experiences. When we make a claim about a crossbow’s speed or a scope’s optics, our readers know it can be trusted.

Honesty – We pledge to always give our honest, unbiased opinions even if it means calling out a popular brand for low quality or talking up a smaller company’s overlooked gem. We accept no payments or free products to influence reviews.

Community – The love of archery and hunting binds us together. We celebrate this proud tradition and believe that by working together, we can ensure the future of our sports. Our content creators are passionate bowhunters first.

Conservation – We firmly believe that responsible, ethical hunting helps preserve wildlife and wilderness for future generations. We teach and promote sustainable practices to protect the animals and lands we cherish.

Accessibility – Our mission is to make expert guidance on archery equipment and hunting skills accessible to all. We welcome complete novices and share the basics needed to get started. We offer advanced advice for seasoned veterans looking to take their craft to the next level.

What We Offer

Product Reviews – Our specialty is providing authoritative, real-world reviews on archery equipment like compound bows, crossbows, arrows, scopes, releases, and accessories. We cover major brands along with niche and upstart manufacturers.

Hunting Guides – We provide detailed big game hunting guides for whitetail deer, elk, bear, moose, and more. Learn effective techniques for tracking, scouting, stand placement, calling, camouflage, shot placement, and dressing your harvest.

Skills Training – Master proper shooting form, crossbow cocking and loading, rangefinding, and more through our video tutorials. We also share tips for safely traversing rugged terrain on a hunt and navigating by map & compass.

Comparisons – Trying to decide between two top-rated crossbows or compound bows? Our head-to-head comparisons examine the specs and real differences so you can determine the best option for your needs.

Gear Advice – We help you identify the right gear for your hunting style, experience level, body type, and budget. Learn which accessories are must-haves versus unnecessary add-ons.

DIY Projects – Follow our step-by-step instructions to build your own archery targets, 3D animal replicas, ground blinds, deer stands, and other handy projects to enhance your skills.

Community Forum – Exchange tips and stories with fellow hunters and archers on our community forum. Post questions and get answers from experts. Help foster a positive, supportive space for everyone who loves archery and hunting.

Our Ethics

Hunting carries with it great responsibility. We believe strongly in ethical, sustainable hunting practices that honor the animal and the environment. Below are the ethical principles we live by and promote:

  • Hunt legally and safely, following all regulations about licenses, tags, reporting, season dates, etc. Safety includes wearing blaze orange, understanding your firearm or bow, and being sure of your target.
  • Only take ethical shots you know will dispatch the animal quickly. Use the proper draw weight, arrow weight, shot angle and distance for the game you are hunting. Head and vitals shots only.
  • Stalk, track, call, and bait game respectfully and without unnecessary harassment. Hunt patiently for clean opportunities.
  • Utilize as much of the harvest as possible. Fully process and consume the meat. Use hides, bones and antlers for other purposes.
  • Reduce wounding loss by improving your skills and equipment. Refrain from risky shots that have a high chance of merely injuring the animal.
  • Treat all animals humanely before and after the harvest. Do not trophy hunt solely for antlers/horns or leave carcasses to waste.
  • Uphold fair chase principles by not using unethical advantages like spotlights, motor vehicles, radio collars, etc. Let the animal’s wits match your own.
  • Report poachers and illegal/unethical hunting practices when encountered. Uphold the highest standards in your state’s hunting community.
  • Support wildlife conservation efforts to protect habitat and promote healthy game populations for future generations.
  • Pass on these ethical hunting practices to youth or new hunters by mentoring them in the field.
  • Be a good ambassador for hunters. Uphold positive stereotypes by being safe, responsible, respectful, and conservation-minded.

By following high ethical standards, we earn our place as humane stewards of the animals and environment we depend on. These values are the true marks of an honorable hunter.