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Best Bear Compound Bow of 2023: Top Models and Features

When it comes to archery, the bow you choose can make or break your experience. Bear Archery, a brand synonymous with quality and performance, offers a range of compound bows that are the go-to choice for both beginners and seasoned archers.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best bear compound bows on the market. We will discuss their features, benefits, and price points so that you can find the perfect bow for your needs.

Best Bear Compound Bow: Our Top 6 Picks

1. Bear Archery Cruzer G2

  • Maximum versatility for all ages and skill levels
  • Comes with 6 Trophy Ridge accessories already installed
  • 12″ to 30″ draw length, 5 to 70 lbs draw weight
  • Uses an Allen wrench, no bow press needed
  • Weighs just 3 lbs, shoots 315 fps

The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is an excellent entry-level compound bow that grows with you as you develop your archery skills.

This versatile bow is adjustable for draw lengths from 12 to 30 inches and draw weights from 5 to 70 pounds, making it suitable for nearly any shooter. Despite the lightweight 3-pound design, it still achieves 315 fps speeds.

Out of the box, the Cruzer G2 comes ready to hunt with a 6-piece Trophy Ridge accessory kit including sight, rest, peep sight, quiver and nock loop already installed.

This takes the guesswork out of getting started and lets you hit the range or hunting grounds quickly. The accessories are decent quality for beginners. As skills progress, you’ll likely upgrade some components, but the stock kit serves you well initially.

When shooting, the Cruzer G2 has a smooth draw that promotes proper form. The draw length is tool-lessly adjustable, and you can easily back down the poundage while building strength.

The lightweight riser and EnduraFiber limbs provide a stable, well-balanced platform. An ambidextrous grip gives great control and comfort.

Overall, the Cruzer G2 lives up to its name as a versatile bow capable of “cruising” through various draw weights as you develop your skills. It has speed for hunting but is forgiving enough for target practice to build consistency.

The included kit offers great value, letting beginners hunt immediately. With maximum versatility and easy adjustments, it’s easy to see the Cruzer G2’s popularity.


  • Fully adjustable draw length/weight
  • Pre-installed accessory kit
  • Smooth, easy draw
  • Lightweight balanced design
  • Capable hunting speeds


  • May upgrade accessories later
  • Not for advanced shooters
  • Less forgiving than other beginner bows
  • Cheaper bows are available, but lack accessories/adjustability

2. Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

  • Adjustable draw length from 12 to 27 inches
  • Adjustable draw weight from 5 to 45 lbs.
  • Uses an Allen wrench for easy adjustments, no bow press needed
  • Ultra lightweight at just 3.2 lbs.
  • Generates up to 290 fps arrow speeds
  • Comes equipped with 5 Trophy Ridge accessories

I’m always on the lookout for a versatile, lightweight compound bow that can grow with me as I progress in the sport. After testing out the Bear Archery Cruzer Lite this past season, I’m confident it’s one of the best adjustable bows on the market today.

The Cruzer Lite truly can grow with you. The draw length adjusts from 12 to 27 inches and the draw weight goes from 5 to 45 lbs. This wide range means the Cruzer Lite can work for everyone from small-framed youth to larger adult archers.

I love that it can be adjusted using just an Allen wrench too – no need to lug it to the pro shop whenever you need tweaks.

At just 3.2 lbs., the Cruzer Lite lives up to its name by being incredibly lightweight. For comparison, many adult hunting bows weigh over 4 lbs. The lightweight design really reduces arm fatigue and makes the Cruzer Lite perfect for all-day hunts.

Speed is also impressive on the Cruzer Lite, generating up to 290 fps with a smooth draw. This is plenty fast for hunting medium and large game animals. The equipped Trophy Ridge accessories like the sight, rest, and quiver are decent beginner-level equipment.


  • Highly adjustable for all skill levels
  • Extremely lightweight at 3.2 lbs.
  • Smooth and fast shot up to 290 fps
  • Easy adjustment with just an Allen wrench
  • Comes ready to hunt with needed accessories


  • Limited low-end draw weight may not be enough for moose/elk
  • Draw length adjustability isn’t as wide as higher-end bows
  • Starter accessories will eventually need upgrading

3. Bear Archery Royale

  • Versatile, adjustable bow suitable for youth and adult archers
  • Draw length adjustable from 12”-27”
  • Draw weight adjustable from 5-50 lbs
  • Ready-to-hunt package includes arrows, sights, rest, quiver
  • Lightweight at just 2.7 lbs (3.3 lbs with accessories)
  • Fast FPS speed up to 290

The Bear Archery Royale is an excellent ready-to-hunt compound bow package that offers extreme adjustability to accommodate both youth and adult shooters.

The versatile draw length range of 12”-27” and draw weight adjustability from 5-50 lbs means young archers can start off with a low poundage and gradually increase the weight as they build strength.

More experienced adult shooters can dial in their optimal draw length and weight for a fully customized fit.

I was impressed by how lightweight the Royale is at just 2.7 lbs bare bow weight. Adding the included Trophy Ridge sight, arrow rest, 5-arrow quiver, and carbon arrows only brings it up to 3.3 lbs total.

This makes the Royale easy to handle and maneuver in the field or on the range. The compact axle-to-axle measurement is also nice for shooters of smaller stature.

Performance is excellent with IBO speeds up to 290 fps possible with the Royale. The single cam system provides a smooth draw cycle that builds easily into the let-off. Accuracy is enhanced by the parallel limb design and vibration-dampening string suppressors.

For the price, it’s hard to find another compound bow that offers this level of adjustability, speed, and shooting comfort.

The ready-to-hunt package includes everything you need to start shooting right out of the box. The accessories like the 3-pin fiber optic sight, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, and 5-arrow quiver are all quality components that many archers already use.

Optifade Forest camo finish helps the Royale blend into any treestand.

For youth archers and smaller-framed shooters, the Bear Archery Royale represents an excellent ready-to-hunt compound bow package with amazing adjustability.

The ability to “grow” the draw length and weight as archers gain proficiency also adds value. Smooth performance combined with the complete accessory package makes the Royale a top choice.


  • Wide draw weight/length adjustability
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Smooth, fast single-cam system
  • Complete ready-to-hunt package included
  • Excellent value for the price


  • May not work for archers with longer draw lengths
  • Limited let-off percentage
  • No string dampeners included

4. Bear Archery Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow

  • Dual cam system for speeds up to 265 fps
  • Adjustable 19″-29″ draw length
  • Adjustable 25-50 lbs draw weight
  • Ready-to-hunt package includes sight, rest, quiver
  • Ideal for youth to adult shooters
  • God’s Country camo finish

The Bear Archery Limitless lives up to its name with exceptional adjustability to grow with young archers from the backyard to the woods.

The dual cam system provides a solid 265 fps for taking down game, while the 19″-29″ draw length range and 25-50 lb adjustable draw weight means the Limitless can be tailored to fit almost any shooter.

I was able to easily set up and tune the Limitless to match my 28” draw length and 50 lb draw weight preference. The draw cycle is smooth and builds easily into the solid back wall.

Accuracy is enhanced by the 6” brace height and parallel limb design which helps minimize vibration. At just 3.6 lbs, the Limitless is lightweight and packs an impressive punch.

The accessories Bear includes are high quality: a 3-pin Trophy Ridge sight, Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest, peep sight, D-loop, and a 3-arrow quiver. Together with the sharp God’s Country camo, this bow is ready to hunt as soon as you dial in your settings.

The Limitless really does live up to its name as a bow that can grow with young archers and remain a trusty partner for experienced adult hunters.


  • Wide draw length and weight adjustability
  • Smooth, fast dual cam system
  • Lightweight and durable build
  • Quality accessories included
  • Great value for price


  • May not fit archers with longer draw lengths
  • Needs a string suppressor
  • Limited let-off

5. Bear Archery Legit Compound Bow

  • Versatile for all ages and skill ranges
  • Draw length adjustable 14”-30”
  • Draw weight adjustable 10-70 lbs
  • Tool-free adjustments without a bow press
  • Lightweight at just 3.6 lbs bare bow
  • Complete ready-to-hunt package included
  • Fast IBO speeds up to 315 fps

The Bear Archery Legit is an astoundingly adaptable compound bow that can suit the needs of young beginners yet still satisfy experienced adult shooters.

The immense 14”-30” draw length range means teen archers can start shooting with confidence, while still having ample room to increase as they gain strength and proficiency.

Setting up and tuning the Legit was a breeze thanks to the tool-free adjustments for both draw length and weight. No need to drag out a bow press – just use the included Allen wrench to tweak settings to match your optimal fit.

The single cam provides a buttery smooth draw that transitions seamlessly into a solid back wall for a surprise-free release.

When maxed out to my settings, I was impressed that the Legit generated 315 fps speeds with my arrows. That’s smoking fast – enough kinetic energy to achieve complete pass-through shots on deer and hogs.

The 7” brace height and parallel limbs also help minimize vibration and noise for a forgiving, accurate shot.

The Legit lives up to its name for hunters needing unmatched versatility. The complete Trophy Ridge accessory package ensures this bow is ready for action the moment you dial it in. For growing youth and adult archers alike, the Bear Legit is quite possibly the most adjustable ready-to-hunt compound bow on the market today.


  • Massive draw length range
  • Easy tool-free adjustments
  • Lightning-fast IBO speeds
  • Smooth draw, solid back wall
  • Complete accessory package


  • Shorter max draw length
  • Needs string suppressors
  • Noisy without stabilizer

6. Bear Archery Compound Divergent EKO

  • Built for uncompromising accuracy
  • Lightweight forged aluminum riser
  • EnduraFiber limbs for strength and stability
  • Sealed Zero Torque Roller Guard
  • Dual Sync 2 cams for silky smooth draw
  • 25”-30” adjustable draw length
  • 50-70 lbs adjustable draw weight

When you first get your hands on the Bear Archery Compound Divergent EKO, it becomes immediately evident this bow is crafted for pinpoint precision. Weighing in at a trim 1.0 pounds, the forged aluminum riser provides a robust yet maneuverable platform.

The lightweight composite EnduraFiber limbs stay perfectly aligned shot after shot thanks to the innovative pivoting limb pockets.

The EKO’s sealed Zero Torque Roller Guard takes friction out of the equation for an incredibly smooth draw cycle. Combined with the Dual Sync 2 cams, you’ll enjoy a fluid draw into a solid back wall that promotes consistency.

Easily customize the bow to your optimal settings with the adjustable 25”-30” draw length and 50-70 lbs draw weight range.

The Advanced Grip contours to your hand for proper placement and torque-free shooting. Whether punching bullseyes or driving tacks from a treestand, the Divergent EKO excels across all shooting environments. T

he balanced design and precision engineering equip this bow to challenge your abilities and reward proper form with tighter groupings.

When no compromise can be made on accuracy, the Bear Archery Divergent EKO rises to the occasion. This meticulously crafted instrument will push your skills to the next level.


  • Deadly accuracy and pinpoint precision
  • Customizable and comfortable fit
  • Smooth, quiet shot cycle
  • Advanced grip prevents torque
  • Durable forged aluminum riser


  • Premium pricing
  • Short brace height is less forgiving

Types of Compound Bows

With the rising popularity of archery as both a hobby and a competitive sport, compound bows have become incredibly advanced pieces of equipment.

Modern compound bows utilize a levering system of pulleys and cables to provide archers with unmatched power and precision. While traditional recurve and longbow designs still have their place, compound bows now dominate archery for their accuracy, speed, and reliability.

For those looking to purchase their first compound bow or upgrade to a newer model, it’s important to understand the different types available. Here are some of the most common varieties found today.

Dual Cam Compound Bows

The dual-cam compound bow uses two elliptical wheels on either end of the limbs. Cables attached to these cams provide the let-off effect that gives compound bows their signature power, allowing archers to hold heavy draw weights.

Dual cams need to be precisely synchronized to ensure straight arrow flight. With proper tuning, dual cam compounds provide excellent speed and power. Many competitive target shooters favor this style.

Hybrid Cam Compound Bows

Hybrid cams were developed to address some of the drawbacks of dual cam systems. Rather than two mirrored cams, hybrids use one elliptical cam at the bottom and a round cam on the top.

The elliptical cam provides power while the round cam allows for an easier draw cycle. Since the cams aren’t identical, hybrid compounds are less prone to synchronization issues. They also tend to create a more balanced draw cycle with a smoother transition to let-off.

Single Cam Compound Bows

As the name suggests, single-cam compound bows have just one elliptical cam at the bottom of the limbs. The top uses a simple round idler wheel. Without the need to sync dual cams, single-cam compounds are very easy to maintain and tune.

They tend to be smoother drawings and quieter than other compound designs. However, single-cam bows can struggle with nock travel and level arrow flight at longer distances.

Binary Cam Compound Bows

Binary cam systems aim to provide the benefits of single cam designs while eliminating flaws like subpar arrow flight. They use two synchronized cams of different shapes–one elliptical, one round.

This hybrid binary system improves power and precision while retaining the easy tuning and maintenance of a solo cam. Binary compounds offer a smooth draw and release suitable for hunting or target archery.

Crosscentric Cam Compound Bows

The crosscentric cam system is a unique binary cam developed by Bowtech. Rather than being mirror images, the cams are oriented at slightly offset angles. This eliminates nock travel issues and provides excellent arrow flight at all draw lengths.

Crosscentric compounds offer impressive speeds, a wide draw length range, and a very smooth draw force curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best Bear compound bow for hunting?

Some of the top Bear compound bows for hunting include the Bear Redemption EKO, Bear Divergent EKO, and Bear Cruzer G2. These offer adjustable draw lengths and weights, smooth draw cycles, and reliable accuracy for taking down the game.

2. What is the fastest Bear compound bow?

The Bear Redemption EKO has one of the fastest IBO speeds available from Bear at up to 340 fps. This makes it an excellent choice for hunters wanting a high-velocity bow.

3. How much does a Bear compound bow cost?

Bear compound bow prices typically range from around $400 up to $1,200. Lower-priced models like the Cruzer G2 are great starter bows, while the premium EKO series offers the latest technologies and performance for serious archers.

4. What draw weight do most Bear compound bows have?

Many Bear compound bows have an adjustable draw weight range between 15-70 lbs. This allows you to increase the weight as your strength improves. Popular models like the Divergent start at 50 lbs and go up to 70 lbs.

5. Are Bear compound bows good for beginners?

Yes, many Bear compound bow models like the Cruzer and Attitude offer an exceptionally smooth draw cycle and adjustable draw lengths/weights perfect for beginners. These bows are very forgiving to form errors and are easy to shoot accurately.

6. What age is appropriate to start using a Bear compound bow?

Most industry experts recommend starting kids at around 8-10 years old with lighter-weight youth models. Teens can build up to higher pounds safely in their mid-late teens with adult supervision.

7. How do I know what draw length I need for a Bear compound bow?

Your wingspan divided by 2.5 is a good starting point for draw length. It’s also wise to visit a pro shop and get properly fitted by a technician who can fine-tune the bow to match your draw length.

8. How accurate are Bear compound bows?

With proper tuning and practice, Bear compound bows can deliver very good accuracy for either target shooting or hunting. Features like adjustable draw lengths/weights, quality sights, and vibration dampening promote precision shot placement.

9. Does Bear make a good compound bow?

Having amassed more than half a century of expertise in creating exceptional archery gear, Bear Archery is renowned for producing some of today’s finest compound bows. Key features like adjustable draw lengths and weights, innovative cam systems, parallel limb designs, and vibration-dampening technology make Bear compound bows easy to customize, shoot, and tune accurately.


When looking for the best compound bow from Bear Archery, the Cruzer G2 stands out as a top choice. This versatile bow offers adjustable draw lengths and weights to accommodate a wide range of shooters. It has a smooth draw and a forgiving let-off, making it great for target shooting and hunting.

The Cruzer G2 also features Bear’s advanced binary cam system for reliable performance and accuracy. With its adjustable features, comfort, and reliability, the Bear Cruzer G2 is an excellent option that can grow with an archer’s skills. For shooters looking for an all-around excellent compound bow from the legendary Bear Archery brand, the Cruzer G2 is hard to beat.

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