Best Compound Bow Under 1000

Top 6 Best Compound Bow Under $1000 in 2023

For any archer or hunter, having the right compound bow is essential to accuracy and performance in the field. With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which is truly the best compound bow under $1000. As an experienced archer and bowhunter myself, I have tested and reviewed numerous models in this price range in order to provide fellow enthusiasts with an in-depth recommendation.

Based on key criteria such as speed, accuracy, adjustability, and overall value, one bow stands out from the rest. Keep reading to learn which compound bow under $1000 I believe is the best investment for serious hunters and target shooters this season. With its innovative cam system, lightweight forged riser, and smooth draw cycle, this bow offers top-notch performance that outshines other options.

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Top 6 High-Performance Compound Bows Under $1000: Unleashing Precision and Power





Bear Archery Cruzer G2 

  • Easy adjustment

  • Versatile

  • Lightweight Power

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

  • Redesigned cam system 

  • Draw weight adjustable 

Raptor Compound Bow Kit

  • Fully adjustable 

  • High quality maching

  • Compact bow Available

Bear Archery AV25A40017R

  • Speeds up to 335 FPS

  • Equipped with the all-new DHC 

Surwolf Compound Bow Kit

  • 20x 30 inch Carbon Arrow

  • Draw Weight: 30-70lbs Adjustable

Creative XP Compound Bow

  • High Performance

  • Versatile & Powerful

  • 4 Carbon Arrows

1. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package

  • Versatile: Engineered for any age or skill level
  • Ready to Hunt: Comes with 6 Trophy Ridge accessories
  • Adjustable: 12″-30″ draw length, 5-70 lbs. draw weight
  • Easy Adjustments: Tool-free adjustments with an Allen wrench
  • Lightweight Power: Just 3 lbs. but fires arrows at 315 fps

The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is an excellent ready-to-hunt compound bow package that offers maximum versatility for hunters of all ages and skill levels. This innovative bow delivers lightweight power and adjustable draw lengths and weights to accommodate nearly any shooter.

When you open the box, the Cruzer G2 comes pre-equipped with everything you need to head straight to the field or range. It includes a 4-pin Trophy Ridge sight, Whisker Biscuit rest, peep sight, tube quiver, sling, and nock loop. Setup takes just minutes with detailed instructions.

Drawing the bow is smooth and easy due to the balanced cam system. The draw length is quickly adjustable between 12″ and 30″ to accommodate younger archers all the way up to a 30″ adult draw. The draw weight can also be adjusted from a mere 5 pounds up to 70 pounds of draw force. So the Cruzer G2 truly grows with you. Making gradual adjustments is easy and requires only an Allen wrench – no need for a bow press.

At full draw, the valley is solid with no feeling of the cams wanting to roll over. The wall is distinct yet spongy enough for a surprise release not to torque the bow. Overall, the draw cycle promotes accuracy and forgiveness. Fully drawn, this bow balances perfectly with no top-heaviness.

Despite weighing only 3 pounds, the Cruzer G2 slings arrows downrange at up to 315 fps. The lightweight bowed aluminum riser and carbon composite limbs are engineered for stability and strength. Integrated string suppressors and rubber stabilizer insert keep noise and vibration low.

When testing for accuracy at 20 yards, this bow consistently grouped tight thanks to its tunable Trophy Ridge accessories. The multi-pin sight is easy to dial in and makes field adjustments a breeze. The Whisker Biscuit rest proved forgiving and accurate.


  • Fully adjustable for any archer
  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Smooth, easy draw
  • Shoots quietly with minimal vibration
  • Engineered for optimal accuracy
  • Ready to hunt out of the box
  • Grows with young archers
  • Great value for the price


  • Heavy let-off may require adjustment for some
  • String suppressors could be more effective
  • Camo pattern not for everyone

2. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package


  • Extended 31″ draw length to accommodate longer draws
  • Redesigned cam system for an incredibly smooth draw
  • Solid back wall for a rock-solid feel at full draw
  • Built-in stabilizer for optimal balance and stability
  • Available in right and left-handed models
  • Break-up Country Infinity camo pattern

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro RAK is an exceptional ready-to-shoot package that brings immense value for hunters or target shooters looking for top-notch performance without breaking the bank. This versatile compound bow delivers the accuracy, speed, and adjustability needed to take down game or hit bullseyes for years to come.

I was highly impressed with the capabilities of the Infinite Edge Pro after testing it extensively. The redesigned cam system is incredibly smooth throughout the draw cycle, building up to a solid back wall that provides a consistent feel at full draw. This makes it easier to anchor in the same exact position shot after shot. The bow also feels extremely well balanced in hand thanks to the built-in stabilizer.

When shooting, I found the Infinite Edge Pro to be highly accurate and forgiving. The 31” draw length let me achieve full anchor comfortably, while the extended 7” adjustment range gives growing youth or multiple shooters flexibility. The bow sends arrows downrange at blistering speeds up to 310 fps, providing tremendous kinetic energy for ethical shots on game.

Whether at the range or in the treestand, the Infinite Edge Pro provides tremendous confidence. The bow is equipped with robust limbs, cams, and axles that can withstand years of consistent shooting and hunting. The Break-up Country camo pattern also blends into natural environments extremely well.


  • Ultra-smooth draw cycle and solid back wall
  • Excellent accuracy and forgiving shooting
  • Versatile 7″ draw length adjustment
  • Powerful 310 fps speed rating
  • Built-in stabilizer for great balance
  • Durable components for lifelong performance
  • Break-up Country camo blends into natural environments


  • May be too long for shorter draw archers
  • Heavier mass weight than other beginner bows

3. Raptor Compound Bow Kit


  • Fully adjustable 24.5-31″ draw length
  • Adjustable 30-70 lb draw weight without a bow press
  • High-speed aluminum cams for 315 fps
  • Lightweight at just 3.6 lbs
  • Available in right and left-hand models
  • Comes in black or camo color options

The Raptor Compound Bow Kit from Predator Archery offers an adjustable, versatile, and affordable compound bow option suitable for hunting, target practice, bow fishing, and more.I found the Raptor Compound Bow to be an excellent value bow with impressive adjustability. The ability to tweak both the draw length and weight without tools makes it easy to share the bow between family members or dial it in perfectly to your specs.

Despite the reasonable price, it doesn’t skimp on key components – the lightweight machined aluminum cams deliver excellent speed while the sturdy limbs hold up well to repetitive shooting.

When testing this bow, I was able to easily tune the draw length and weight to fit me perfectly. At full draw, the bow holds steadily with a solid back wall that promotes consistency. It’s also quite forgiving for a budget bow, with decent accuracy even if your form isn’t perfect. The kit includes everything needed to start shooting right away, like quality accessories and even an instructional video.


  • Fully adjustable draw length and weight
  • No bow press needed for adjustments
  • High 315 fps speed rating
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Holds steadily at full draw
  • Good accuracy for a budget bow
  • Complete ready-to-shoot package


  • Not as refined as premium bows
  • Limited color/style options
  • No dampening on cams or string

4. Bear Archery AV25A40017R Resurgence RTH Mossy Oak Break-up Country RH70

  • New DHC 80% hybrid cam system for a smooth draw
  • Blistering speeds up to 335 fps
  • Mass weight under 4 lbs for easy maneuverability
  • 6 1/4″ brace height promotes accuracy
  • 25 1/2″-31″ draw length range
  • Available in 45-60 lbs or 55-70 lbs models
  • Complete Trophy Ridge accessory bundle included

The Bear Archery Resurgence RTH brings serious performance and adjustability in a ready-to-hunt package perfect for bowhunters wanting modern technology without breaking the bank. I was thrilled to test out the new-for-2022 Resurgence RTH from Bear Archery. Right out of the box, this compound bow impresses with its lightweight feel and modern styling in a popular Mossy Oak camo pattern.

The new DHC hybrid cam system offers an excellent blend of speed and a smooth, steady draw cycle. I found it easy to gradually pull through the valley and settle into a solid back wall that promotes consistency.

At just a tick under 4 lbs, the Resurgence RTH is highly maneuverable in treestands and blinds. The 32” axle-to-axle length combines stability with a relatively compact footprint. The bow points and handles exceptionally well. I was also able to achieve excellent shot accuracy thanks to the generous 6 1⁄4” brace height and accurate components.

The package includes quality Trophy Ridge accessories like a sight, rest, stabilizer, and quiver so you can start hunting immediately. The adjustable draw length between 25 1⁄2 – 31” and available peak weights of 60 or 70 lbs allow you to truly customize the bow’s fit.


  • Smooth, steady draw with a solid back wall
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fast 335 fps speed rating
  • Versatile 25.5″-31″ draw length range
  • Complete setup ready for hunting
  • Quality included accessories


  • Limited color options
  • Not the most refined draw cycle

5. Surwolf Compound Bow Kit

  • IBO speed rating up to 320 fps
  • Draw weight adjustable from 30-70 lbs
  • Draw length adjustable from 19″-31″
  • Axle-to-axle length of 32″
  • Gordon USA-made limbs

The Surwolf Compound Bow Kit provides an adjustable, versatile, and affordable compound bow option for right-handed archers wanting to get started in bowhunting or target shooting. As an avid archer and bowhunter, I was pleased with the quality and shooting performance of the surwolf Compound Bow for the price.

The ability to tweak both the draw length and weight without a bow press makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit. The USA-made Gordon glass limbs felt reliable, while the aluminum cams provided smooth, consistent power.

When testing this bow, I was able to easily adjust the settings to match my draw length and comfortable weight. At full draw, it holds steadily with an ample 80% let-off that reduces strain at anchor. While not as refined as premium bows, it’s a reasonably smooth drawing for a budget model. The 32” axle-to-axle length lent it stability and accuracy.

The full accessory kit lets you start shooting arrows or hunting right out of the box. I also appreciate that it’s a dedicated right-handed bow, with optimal orientation for right-eye dominance.


  • Fully adjustable draw and weight
  • Smooth draw for a budget bow
  • USA-made Gordon glass limbs
  • Stable 32″ axle-to-axle length
  • Complete accessory kit included
  • Dedicated right-handed setup


  • Maximum 70 lb draw weight
  • Budget accessory quality
  • The short 30-day warranty period

6. Creative XP Compound Bow and Arrow for Adults and Youth


  • Made and shipped from the USA
  • IBO speed rating up to 320 fps
  • Draw weight adjustable from 30-70 lbs
  • Draw length adjustable from 23.5″-30.5″
  • Axle-to-axle length of 30”

The Creative XP Compound Bow and Arrow Kit provide an adjustable, versatile, and powerful compound bow option for right-handed archers wanting a complete setup for hunting or target shooting. I found the Creative XP Compound Bow to be an excellent value bow with smooth performance.

The ability to tweak both the draw length and weight without tools makes it easy to customize the fit. The USA-made Gordon glass limbs provide strength and reliability shot after shot.

When testing this bow, I was able to dial in the perfect draw length and comfortable holding weight for my preferences. At full draw, it holds steadily and allows me to relax into the ample 75% let-off. The bow is responsive and shoots arrows downrange at impressive speeds up to 320 fps.

The full starter kit provides all the accessories needed to start honing your skills right away. The sight, arrows, release and other accessories are good quality for the price. I also appreciate that Creative XP is a US company with responsive customer service.


  • Fully adjustable draw and weight
  • Smooth, powerful shot
  • USA-made Gordon glass limbs
  • Complete accessory kit included
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Responsive US-based customer service


  • Limited color/style options
  • Maximum 70 lb draw weight

Factors Should be Considered When Buy Best Compound Bow Under $1000

Purchasing a quality compound bow is a major investment, but expert archers know you don’t need to spend a fortune to get excellent performance. With technology advancements making features more affordable, it’s possible to find highly capable compound bows under $1000 today.

However, the key is knowing what features and specifications to look for when shopping in this price range. Here is an in-depth buying guide on how to choose the best compound bow under $1000.

Draw Weight Range

One of the most important factors to evaluate is the draw weight range of the compound bow. This refers to how much force it takes to draw the bowstring back fully. For adult men, an ideal draw weight is 50-70 lbs, while women and youth will be more comfortable in the 30-50 lb range. Examine the minimum and maximum draw weight range to ensure the bow will be suitable as your strength progresses. Compound bows under $1000 typically have adjustable draw weights up to 70 lbs maximum.

Axle-to-Axle Length

The axle-to-axle length greatly impacts the maneuverability and stability of the bow. Shorter lengths under 32” create a more compact, movable bow while longer lengths above 33” offer a more stable shooting platform. Evaluate based on your shooting style and whether you need optimized maneuverability in ground blinds or treestands vs. stable target shooting.

IBO Speed Rating

The IBO or FPS speed rating measures the feet per second an arrow travels when shot by the bow. Faster speeds create more kinetic energy and impact downrange. Look for compound bows under $1000 with IBO speeds around 320-340 fps, indicating good power and efficiency.

Noise & Vibration Dampening

Excess noise and vibration when shooting can spook game and affect accuracy. Look for features like string silencers, limb dampeners, and stabilizers that absorb vibration and noise. The more dampening, the quieter the shot.

Shooting Comfort & Balance

Consider the draw cycle, valley, grip design, balance, and overall shooting comfort when at full draw. Look for smooth cams that don’t have any harsh draw spots. Also examine the let-off percentage, as higher let-offs over 75% allow you to relax at full draw.

Brand Reputation & Warranty

Stick with reputable compound bow brands like Diamond, Bear Archery, PSE, and Quest. They use quality components and materials that enhance durability and performance. A minimum of a 1 year warranty is ideal.

Accessories & Ready-to-Hunt Packages

Ready-to-hunt packages provide huge value, including arrows, sights, rests, quivers and other vital accessories. Alternatively, examine bare bow options and budget for accessories. Top brands to look for include Trophy Ridge, QAD, and Spot Hogg.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in a compound bow under $1000?

Some key features to look for in compound bows under $1000 include: adjustable draw weight and length, high-quality limbs and cams, smooth draw cycle, solid back wall, high speed (FPS), shock absorption technology, quality accessories, and manufacturer warranty.

What draw weight is best for a compound bow under $1000?

For compound bows under $1000, ideal draw weights range from 50-70 lbs for adults and 30-50 lbs for youth/smaller framed archers. Consider your strength and experience level when choosing to draw weight.

What brands make the best compound bows under $1000?

Top compound bow brands in this price range include Diamond, Bowtech, PSE, Bear Archery, and Quest. They offer high-performance and adjustable options under $1000.

Should I get a ready-to-shoot package or buy accessories separately?

Ready-to-shoot packages can provide great value if you’re a beginner, allowing you to get set up quickly. But you can customize your setup by buying accessories like sights, rests, and stabilizers separately.

What maintenance does a compound bow under $1000 need?

Basic maintenance includes waxing the string, checking screw tightness, inspecting the cams, replacing the string when fraying, and re-tuning as needed. Storing in a case when not in use protects the bow.

What safety tips should I know when shooting a compound bow?

Key safety tips include: always wearing an arm guard, using proper form/anchor point, making sure your sight is calibrated, never dry firing, always pointing your draw in a safe direction, and maintaining control of the bow at all times.

How do I know what draw length and weight is right for me?

Your draw length is based on your arm span and the ideal draw weight depends on your strength/experience. Many shops can measure your draw length or you can get an estimate using your wingspan. Start low with draw weight and work up.


After reviewing the top compound bows on the market under $1000, it’s clear there are excellent options for hunters and archers wanting quality and performance on a budget. The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro and Bear Archery Cruzer G2 all offer the adjustability, speed, accuracy and reliability serious hunters demand without breaking the bank.

While they each have their own pros and cons, these compound bows prove you can get an affordable setup fully capable of ethical shots on deer and targets. Pay close attention to the draw weight range, axle-to-axle length, FPS rating, vibration dampening, and included accessories to choose the best match for your needs and shooting style.

For those willing to spend wisely, it’s gratifying to know you can get a high-performance compound bow under $1000. Just be sure to budget for additional accessories and professional setup if buying a bare bow. I hope this overview of the best compound bow under 1000 gives you the confidence to find an affordable bow to start honing your archery skills.

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