Best crossbow target for 500 FPS

The Best Crossbow Target for 500 FPS: Reviews and Buying Guide

Crossbow hunting and target shooting continue to grow in popularity year after year. With advancements in technology, many modern crossbows can shoot bolts at speeds over 500 feet per second (FPS). This kind of speed generates a tremendous amount of kinetic energy that can really do a number on traditional archery targets.

If you’re shooting bolts at 500 FPS or more, you need a specialty crossbow target built to withstand the punishment. Regular bag targets and foam block targets designed for slower compound bows just won’t cut it. The high speeds will tear right through them in no time.

In this buying guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the Best Crossbow Target for 500 FPS speeds. First, we’ll look at the in-depth reviews of our top picks for the best crossbow targets for blazing-fast shots. Then, we’ll provide a buying guide or key factors to consider when shopping for these specialty targets.

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Best Crossbow Target for 500 FPS in 2023: Our Top 7 Pick Review

1. SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target

  • High-quality construction: Made from durable nylon material for long-lasting use.
  • Versatile design: Suitable for crossbow shooting, making it ideal for hunters and target practice.
  • Large size: Measures 18 x 18 x 14 inches to provide a generous target area.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 38 pounds, ensuring easy transportation and setup.
  • Multi-color options: Available in white-silver-black-red, allowing users to choose their preferred style.
  • Superior stopping power: Designed to effectively stop field points, preventing them from penetrating the target.

I’ve been on the hunt for a durable, reliable target that can withstand high-impact shots. When I finally came across the SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target, my search ended. This product is American-made and caters impeccably to both indoor and backyard shooting sessions. It boasts a unique SpyderWeb self-healing Spylar facing, which significantly extends its longevity – even against those practice field point arrows that come at super-fast speeds!

The thing about this Archery Target that stands out most for me is its remarkable stopping power restriction-free speed limit. Whether you’re practicing from close range or trying long-distance shots with a crossbow bolt at 500 FPS or more, this block target roots itself firmly in place without toppling over. Its performance under various distances fortifies why it deserves to be No. 1 on our list.

A constant concern with many archery targets has always been the hassle attached to arrow removal; this couldn’t be further from reality with the SpyderWeb ST18XL-Crossbow Archery Target. The ease of arrow pull ensures your focus remains unhindered by such distractions; just aim and shoot as freely as you like.

To sum it up succinctly – if you’re after a trustworthy crossbow and archery target designed for high-speed arrows or bolts of any bow type- look no further than the SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target – undoubtedly deserving its spot atop our list!


  • Made in the USA to support local manufacturing and economy
  • Unique SpyderWeb self-healing Spylar facing ensures extra longevity for the target
  • No speed limit restrictions, making it suitable for high-speed arrows or bolts
  • Easy arrow removal for convenient and hassle-free practice sessions.


  • Not suitable for broadhead arrows, only compatible with field tip arrows
  • The limited size of 18x18x14 may not be large enough for some shooters’ preferences
  • Relatively expensive compared to other crossbow targets on the market


This SpyderWeb ST 18XL is perfect for the adventurous archer looking to hone their craft. It stands up to 500 FPS arrows and bolts, making it ideal for all types of crossbows or bows. With its easy arrow pull and no speed limit restrictions, this target offers unparalleled stopping power. Try it out today and take your shooting skills to the next level.

2. SpyderWeb ST 24XL Crossbow Target

  • Square shape for easy target placement and visibility
  • Heavyweight design at 62 pounds for durability
  • Made of durable polyester material for long-lasting use
  • Specifically designed for crossbow shooting sport
  • Large size with dimensions of 24 x 15 x 24 inches for ample target area
  • Highly rated with customer reviews averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars

The SpyderWeb ST 24XL Crossbow Target carves its spot in the market with a raft of features designed to make every archery or hunting experience both practical and enjoyable. What sets this product apart is truly remarkable – it’s capable of handling shots at speeds over 500 FPS, stopping arrows within an average range of just 6-8 inches. This outstanding feature makes the target a perfect choice for serious archers and hunters looking to fine-tune their skills.

Secondly, another impressive aspect of this high-quality crossbow target is the unique Spylar technology—a woven facing that guarantees longevity and improves efficacy. Gone are the days when you’d need to replace your targets frequently; minimal wear and tear on both targets and arrows means saving money in the long run, thereby proving why we ranked it No.2 on our list.

Thirdly, built with convenience in mind, SpyderWeb’s design includes a sturdy frame which eliminates any worries about having to construct or purchase a stand separately. Even during intense practice sessions, there’ll be no toppling over! Plus, its weatherproof quality furthers durability by effectively resisting elements provided if placed upright away from ground moisture.

Finally yet important is its effortless arrow-pull feature even at super speeds—no more frustrations with puller tools or lubes ever again! Proudly made in the USA featuring durable nylon mesh material means you’re investing not only in superb functionality but also reliability—thus marking SpyderWeb ST 24XL as an excellent crossbow target option for those seeking consistent performance without compromising on comfort or convenience.


  • Heavy duty and reliable frame that does not fall over or move when shot
  • Weatherproof design that resists the elements if standing upright and away from ground moisture
  • Revolutionary Spylar woven facing provides long-lasting results and safely stops all fast arrows and bolts
  • Guaranteed no more hassles with arrow puller or lube, even at speeds over 500 FPS


  • May be too expensive for some customers
  • Limited to field tip arrows only, not compatible with broadhead arrows
  • The size may be too big and bulky for some users


This product is perfect for serious archer that wants intense accuracy and speed in their game, as well as long-lasting durability. With an arrow stopping an average of 6-8 inches at speeds over 500 FPS, this crossbow target will help you get to the top of your sport. Take your shooting to a new level with SpyderWeb ST24XL Crossbow Target today.

3. BigShot Extreme 500 Crossbow Target Bag

  • Designed specifically for crossbow shooting
  • Made of durable iron material for long-lasting use
  • 24″ size provides a large target area
  • Suitable for both crossbows and compound bows
  • Features a square shape for easy aiming and scoring
  • The white color stands out against various backgrounds

I’ve had my fair share of experience with Target bags. The BigShot Extreme 500 Crossbow Target Bag stands out as a highly efficient tool suitable for both seasoned hunters and passionate archers. Sporting a weather-resistant design, this product proves to be resilient even in the harshest conditions. Its durable internal material makes use of a high compression design to virtually eliminate any tunneling effect from accurate tuning whether at close or long distances.

What sets the BIGSHOT Iron Man Extreme 500 fps Target apart is its remarkable stopping power – up to 500 FPS cold! This means that regardless of your crossbow’s speed, this bag can absorb it all without breaking down or wearing out. Moreover, easy arrow removal is a bonus since nobody likes struggling with their arrows post-practice session.

This target bag isn’t just about performance; it’s also recognized by top crossbow brands due to its unmatched durability making it perfect for crossbow enthusiasts like myself. From compound bows to youth and traditional arrows, the versatility of this product is evident in its wide-range compatibility.

We chose the BigShot Extreme 500 Crossbow Target Bag as number three on our list simply because there are only few targets that can match its quality and performance at such an affordable price point. Every feature has been designed with user convenience in mind reflecting not only the efficiency but also how enjoyable your practice sessions turn out using this target bag – definitely one worth considering on every archer’s purchase list!


  • Weather-resistant design for long-lasting use in tough environments
  • Durable internal material eliminates the tunneling effect for accurate tuning at all distances
  • Easy arrow removal for crossbows, compound bows, and traditional arrows
  • Stops arrows up to 500 FPS, making it the top choice of crossbow brands


  • May not be suitable for beginners or those who are not familiar with using a crossbow target bag
  • The price may be higher compared to other crossbow targets on the market
  • Some users have reported that the Target bag can wear out over time and may need to be replaced

The BigShot Extreme 500 Crossbow Target Bag is perfect for the dedicated and passionate crossbow enthusiast who needs a heavy-duty target that will stand up to their high-powered bolts. With its weather-resistant design, durable material and ability to stop arrows up to 500 FPS, this target offers unmatched durability. Get the most out of your shooting experience – upgrade today!

4. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Archery Target Bag


  • Suitable for crossbow shooting and target archery
  • Includes a replacement cover for extended use
  • Made of synthetic material in a vibrant yellow color
  • Unisex – adult-suggested users
  • Lightweight at only 4 pounds

As an avid archer and hunter, I’ve found the Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Archery Target Bag to be a game-changer. This target bag impressed me with its Patented Nucleus Center, which provides unmatched durability in the field. The target cover is designed so you can shoot all four sides extending its lifespan significantly.

The standout feature of this product for me is that it’s crossbow, compound, and airbow approved. So whether I’m practicing my bow hunting skills or just enjoying some recreational shooting at home, this versatile replacement cover fits the bill effortlessly.

Furthermore, this Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus is free-standing which gives you flexibility about where to set up your practice aim. No more fussing over finding optimal hang spots or dealing with unreliable setups! Just place the bag where you want it and start shooting!

However, there was one thing that struck out – it’s important to keep in mind that only the replacement cover comes included; no actual Target bag arrives with your purchase. But don’t let that deter you – if long-lasting performance and multi-faceted use are what matter most to you as they do to me then getting a hold of this incredible Archery Target Replacement Cover becomes an absolute must-have for every Archer or Hunter who prioritizes quality!


  • Patented Nucleus Center for unbeatable durability
  • Shoot all 4 sides for extended product life
  • Free-standing design allows for versatile placement options
  • Compatible with both crossbows and compound bows


  • Replacement cover only does not include the target
  • May not be suitable for all types of archery equipment
  • Limited color options are available

The Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Archery Target Bag is ideal for experienced archers looking to practice their skills on a reliable, durable target. Get ready for your next competition with this free-standing, crossbow & compound-approved target bag and shoot all 4 sides for longer life! Try it out today.

5. GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target

  • Designed specifically for crossbow shooting and target archery.
  • Realistic buck shape provides a lifelike shooting experience.
  • Made from durable foam material to withstand repeated use.
  • Lightweight design allows for easy portability and set-up.
  • Brown color adds realism to the target, enhancing visibility during practice sessions.
  • Field Logic is a trusted brand known for high-quality archery targets.

The GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target is a must-have for anyone looking to up their hunting or archery game. As an avid hunter and archer myself, I can say that this product provides a realistic shooting experience due to its lifelike design and size. Made with poly fusion technology, the replaceable core extends target life by taking countless shots without tearing apart. It’s not every day you come across such an incredible piece of equipment.

One great aspect of the GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target is its four-sided core which means more surface area to aim at, helping you improve your accuracy drastically. The target mimics a 200-pound buck which adds an extra layer of realism making it perfect not only for practice but also for gearing up for the upcoming hunting season. This feature makes it stand out in the crowd of traditional bullseye targets.

However, nothing’s completely perfect – the same goes for this outstanding product too! The GlenDel Buck is on the pricier side compared to other similar products available in the market, but given its durability and phenomenal features, I consider it worth those few extra bucks (no pun intended!).

In conclusion, if you’re serious about enhancing your archery or crossbow skills or preparing yourself better for your next big hunt; investing in a quality training tool like GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target would certainly pay off.


  • Realistic 3D design for a lifelike hunting experience
  • The replaceable core extends the lifespan of the target
  • Suitable for various types of archery, airsoft, and paintball activities
  • Imported with a satin finish for added durability and aesthetic appeal


  • Not suitable for high-powered crossbows
  • The replaceable core may wear out quickly with heavy use
  • Can be quite pricey compared to other 3D archery targets.


The GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Core is perfect for the serious bowhunter in search of a challenge. With this realistic and durable target, you can test your skills to determine how far you’ve come as an archer! Buy now and take your practice game to the next level.

6. Morrell Targets 144 Yellow Jacket Kinetic 1.0 65 Pound Portable Field Point Archery Bag Target

  • Portable field point archery bag target
  • Made of durable polypropylene material
  • Yellow color for easy visibility
  • Suitable for target archery sport
  • Comes with 144 kinetic 1.0 arrows
  • Weighs 65 pounds for stability and durability

The Morrell Targets 144 Yellow Jacket Kinetic 1.0 is a highly reliable archery target bag designed with the needs of both archers and hunters in mind. Made in the USA, this high-quality product offers top-notch stopping power with no speed limit restrictions, allowing for effective and efficient practice sessions regardless of your arrow’s distance or velocity. It is an excellent tool that can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its weather-resistant surface.

One significant advantage of the Yellow Jacket Kinetic is its two-shooting-sides feature with ten bullseyes which provides you ample targets to improve accuracy before heading out on a hunting trip or participating in an archery tournament. The multi-layer construction guarantees easy removal after the shooting, eliminating any concerns about damaged arrows or interrupted practice sessions.

Moreover, this field point archery target bag weighs just 65 pounds making it portable enough to carry anywhere via a comfortable E-Z carry handle without compromising stability during use. Its dimensions (21 x 15 x 20 inches) also ensure that it will fit perfectly into any backyard space yet large enough for practicing different shot angles.

In summary, Morrell’s Yellow Jacket Kinetic offers great value as it combines usability, durability and portability all within one package – making it equally suitable for beginners venturing into the world of archery or experienced hunters seeking realistic training equipment at home before setting off on their next adventure.


  • Made in the USA for quality and reliability
  • Easy arrow removal for convenience
  • Max stopping power at any distance for enhanced safety
  • Versatile with 2 shooting sides and 10 bullseyes


  • Not recommended for outserts or field points larger than an arrow shaft.
  • Some customers may find the target too heavy to easily transport.
  • The yellow color of the target may fade over time with extended outdoor use.

This Morrell Targets 144 Yellow Jacket Kinetic 1.0 65 Pound Portable Field Point Archery Bag Target is perfect for the experienced archery enthusiast who wants to sharpen their skills and have fun while doing it. Enjoy an outdoor target shooting experience with this durable bag target, no matter the weather conditions. Take your game to the next level today – get yours now.

7. 450 X Field Point Bag Target 24 x 24 x 12

  • 450 X Field Point Bag Target suitable for crossbow shooting
  • Made of durable polyester material in a vibrant yellow color
  • Large size with dimensions of 24 x 24 x 12 inches
  • Weighs 35 pounds, providing stability and durability during use
  • Designed by BIGSHOT, a trusted brand in the archery industry
  • Features a block-style shape for easy target practice accuracy

I’ve tried out several Target bags over the years and can confidently say that the 450 X Field Point Bag Target stands head and shoulders above its competition. It not only meets my needs but goes beyond in offering additional benefits. What sets it apart is its high visibility self-healing polyester cover with UV protection — a necessity for any outdoor enthusiast. So whether you’re practicing under blistering sunshine or pouring rain, this bag target retains its colors brilliantly making it easy to spot from a distance.

An outstanding feature that comes in handy especially when using speed bows or crossbows is the dual-core design which has extra stopping power up to 450 fps (feet per second). This strong inner core does wonders for long-term use as it enhances durability without compromising performance. The impressive part though is how the dense filling allows easy arrow removal without causing damage to your arrows – no more fussing about trying to yank them out!

But what truly won me over was its superior stability offered by an exclusive internal stand design coupled with the just-right weight of 42 lbs. I’ve used it on uneven yard terrain, gravel surfaces, and even grassy fields – and each time this bag holds steady giving me precision targeting practice time after time.

For all hunters and archers out there seeking a reliable training aide, do consider investing in BIGshot’s 450X Field Point Bag Target — you’ll appreciate its robust build, dynamic features geared towards enhancing your shooting skills and above all, prolonged outdoor life!


  • Easy arrow removal
  • High visibility for improved aim
  • UV protection to increase product durability
  • Can be used with both crossbows and compound speed bows up to 450 fps


  • May be too expensive for some customers.
  • The size and weight of the target may make it difficult to transport or move around.
  • Some users may find that the bag cover wears out quickly with heavy use.

This 450 X Field Point Bag Target 24 x 24 x 12 is perfect for archers of all levels who are looking for a durable, high-visibility target that can withstand crossbows and compound bows up to 450 FPS. Get your field point bag target now and start honing your skills!.

Best Crossbow Targets for 500 FPS – Buying Guide

When choosing the best crossbow target for 500 FPS, durability and stopping power are crucial to ensure the target can withstand high-speed bolts. Compatibility with high FPS crossbows is also essential for accurate practice sessions.

Portability and ease of use should be considered for convenience during outdoor shooting sessions. Lastly, determining the target type, whether it’s a bag, block, or 3D target, can further enhance your archery experience.

Read on to explore all the factors in detail!

Durability and Stopping Power

Crossbow targets must withstand high-speed impacts. The Morrell Yellow Jacket, for instance, features a multi-layered design perfect for deflecting bolts shot from high fps crossbows.

Its rugged exterior ensures long-lasting use without compromising performance.

It’s not just about durability though! Stopping power plays a crucial role too. Bag targets like the GlenDel Crossbow Buck effectively halt bolts while preserving their tips. In other words, they absorb the impact and prevent pass-through shots which is vital when practicing with a broadhead or field point tips.

Consider as well how often you’ll be out on the field using your target shooting equipment in different weather conditions – rain, sunshine or snow – it should still hold up admirably and offer consistent stopping power every time!

Lastly, keep an eye out for replaceable cores in d archery targets. They give an extra layer of robustness while providing convenience since you can switch them out once they’ve worn down instead of getting a whole new target.

Compatibility with High FPS Crossbows

High FPS crossbows require a specific type of target. Not just any ordinary target can handle the powerful impact of these accelerated arrows. A high-speed arrow shot from a 500 fps crossbow exerts tremendous force, easily puncturing traditional targets, which could potentially lead to damage to your equipment or even cause potential injury.

Therefore, if you’re using one of these high-powered machines, compatibility with your chosen target is crucial for both safety and performance.

The ideal targets for high FPS crossbows are designed with special materials that can absorb and distribute the energy across their entire structure rather than at a single point of impact.

These specifically engineered targets enable them to stop fast-flying bolts without splitting apart or failing after repeated shots. They protect your arrows as well by preventing pass-throughs, reducing friction upon entry and making retrieval easier while prolonging the lifespan of both the bolt and the archery target itself.

Portability and Ease of Use

Let’s talk portability first. As an archer or a hunter, you want your crossbow target to be mobile. Many targets available on the market aren’t too bulky and come with easy-to-grab handles.

These design features allow quick pack-ups and effortless movement from one point to another.

Ease of use is equally essential to consider while choosing a suitable target for your 500 FPS crossbow. Searching for targets that require no set-up is prudent because it saves time and energy needed in complex assemblies.

Targets like bag targets or D archery targets win in this category as they’re ready for action right out of the box.

The combination of portability and ease of use should extend to maintenance as well. Your chosen high speed, broadhead compatible target should offer stress-free upkeep procedures such as core replacement when punctures become too pronounced.

This way, you get more time honing your shooting accuracy without worrying about meticulous care routines.

Target Type (Bag, Block, 3D)

I prefer using bag targets for my crossbow practice sessions. Bag targets are great for high FPS crossbows like mine because they offer excellent stopping power and durability. The thick layers of material in bag targets can handle the impact of fast-moving arrows without getting damaged easily.

Plus, the compact size and lightweight design make them portable and easy to set up anywhere. Bag targets are also versatile, allowing me to practice with field tips or broadheads, depending on what I need to work on that day.

Another popular target type is block targets. These solid foam blocks are perfect for sighting in my crossbow and improving accuracy. The layered construction of block targets helps absorb the energy of the arrow effectively, preventing pass-throughs even at high speeds.

With multiple target faces, I can rotate them to extend their lifespan before needing a replacement core.

For those who want a more realistic archery experience, 3D archery targets are the way to go. These lifelike replicas simulate hunting scenarios and help me improve my shooting skills under different conditions.

Whether it’s targeting specific vital areas or adjusting my aim based on angles, 3D archery targets provide an immersive training opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main thing to look for when choosing the best crossbow target for a 500 FPS?

Durability. The target needs to be engineered specifically to withstand repeated high-speed impacts without failing. Polyethylene and multi-layer foam are good options.

Do I need a larger size target for a 500 FPS crossbow?

Yes, the higher speeds generate more kinetic energy, so you need a larger surface area target. A minimum 18″ x 18″ is recommended, but a larger one is better for extended-range shooting.

Can traditional archery bag targets work for 500 FPS crossbows?

Not recommended because traditional bag targets will get ripped up very quickly by bolts traveling at 500+ FPS. You need a specialty crossbow target rated for high speeds.

What’s the advantage of a layered target vs solid plastic?

Layered foam or PolyFusion targets absorb kinetic energy between layers to gently stop bolts. Solid plastic targets depend on surface impact resistance.

How often do I need to replace a 500 FPS crossbow target?

With proper care and rotation, a good polyethylene or layered foam target should last 2-5 years with heavy use before needing replacement.

Can I make my own makeshift target for 500 FPS crossbows?

Not recommended for safety and durability reasons. It’s best to invest in a purpose-built target rated to withstand repeated high-speed impacts.

Do I need field points or broadheads for sighting in a 500 FPS crossbow?

Always use field points for initial sighting and practice. Broadheads will quickly tear up most targets.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best crossbow target for 500 FPS, the SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target and the SpyderWeb ST 24XL Crossbow Target are excellent choices.

These targets offer high-quality construction, versatility, and superior stopping power. Whether you’re a hunter or simply looking to practice your aim, these targets will not disappoint. So why wait? Grab your preferred style from the multi-color options and start improving your shooting accuracy today.

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