best crossbow with built-in crank cocking device

Top 6 Best Crossbow With Built-in Crank Cocking Device

Hunting with a crossbow offers excitement and challenge, but loading one can be physically demanding without a crank cocking device. Thankfully, several top crossbow manufacturers now integrate crank cocking mechanisms right into their designs for easy and fast loading. These built-in crank devices make hunting accessible for more people since cocking effort is greatly reduced. Even experienced hunters can benefit from less fatigue on all-day hunts.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best crossbow with built-in crank cocking device built seamlessly into the stock. We’ll look at key specs like draw weight, velocity, physical weight, trigger quality, and included accessories.

You’ll learn the pros and cons of leading crossbows like the Barnett Archery Hyper XP 405 Crossbow, BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow, and Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow to help determine which is the best option for your hunting needs and budget. Whether heading out for whitetail, hogs, or even big game in different terrain, we’ll cover how to choose a crossbow with the right kinetics for ethical, effective shots.

Let’s get started on finding your perfect crossbow complete with an integrated cocking mechanism for easy loading and a full day of hunting ahead!

Top 6 Best Crossbow With Built-in Crank Cocking Devices

1. Barnett Archery Hyper XP 405 Crossbow


The Barnett Hyper XP 405 is a high-performance crossbow perfect for hunters and target archers. This compact crossbow features a narrow profile for easy maneuverability while providing speeds up to 405 fps thanks to its proprietary string design and Cam lock triggers.

Barnett outfitted this bow with several key features. It has finger safety reminders to keep your hands clear while shooting and an anti-dry fire trigger to prevent misfires. The Soft Lok floating arrow retainer gives consistent accurate shots and a crisp, creepless 3 lb zero trigger pull ensures you won’t disturb your aim.

Other features hunters will appreciate are the lightweight full-coverage side mount quiver (designed to minimize the crossbow’s profile while walking through brush) and the illuminated 4×32 mm multi-reticle scope with adjustable objective for visible sighting in daylight or dusk. The full accessory package includes two 22-inch Hyperflite arrows, a rope-cocking device for drawing ease, and lubricating wax to maintain the string and rail.

With its compact size and narrow profile weighing just 7.9 lbs this crossbow feels and handles more like a rifle. The configuration allows hunters to easily transition shooting skills from rifles to crossbow archery. Despite its light weight and size, the Hyper XP 405 still delivers knock-down power with arrows reaching 405 fps speeds. For hunters needing maneuverability in tight spaces without compromising power, the Barnett Hyper XP 405 is a great option worth considering.

  • 405 fps speed
  • Narrow profile and compact size
  • Anti-Dry Fire trigger system
  • Soft Lok floating arrow retainer
  • TriggerTech 3lb zero creep release
  • Lightweight at just 7.9 lbs


  • Compact and lightweight making it easy to maneuver
  • Shoots at blistering 405 fps speeds
  • Anti-dry fire and safety features like finger reminders
  • Crisp 3lb zero creep trigger for accurate shooting
  • Good accessory package (arrows, scope, cocking rope, quiver)


  • Scope quality could be better at this price point
  • Some assembly required out-of-the-box


2. BearX Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package 

The BearX Intense lives up to its name as an intensely powerful crossbow option. This compact crossbow measures just 10 inches wide when cocked yet delivers knock-down power with its 12.7-inch power stroke that sends arrows flying at 400 fps speeds.

Notable features include the anti-dry fire mechanism for safety and auto-engaging ambidextrous safety. The Intense also features a Picatinny scope mount and pass-through fore grip for accessorizing. The rear stock has an adjustable butt pad and cheekpiece.

This ready-to-hunt package comes well-equipped with accessories. It includes 3 Bear X TrueX 22-inch arrows, an illuminated multi-reticle scope, 4-arrow quiver, rope cocking device, and rail lube with string wax.

As far as pros, the BearX Intense generates substantial power from its compact narrow frame. The included accessories also provide everything you need to start hunting out of the box. The adjustable stock offers customization for comfort and fit. Potential drawbacks are the lack of noise dampening and a trigger that could be a bit smoother.

For the price point, the BearX Intense starter package is packed with value. The accessories alone make this an economical option worth considering for hunters wanting good bang for their buck. With its 400 fps sending 22-inch arrows down range, the power of this little compact crossbow is anything but intense.

  • 400 fps speed
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism
  • Picatinny rail and pass-through fore grip
  • Adjustable cheek piece and butt pad
  • Comes packaged with arrows, scope, quiver, cocking rope, and wax
  • Compact narrow frame design


  • Generates good power from a narrow compact frame
  • Package includes all accessories needed to start hunting
  • Adjustable stock for comfort and custom fit
  • Anti-dry fire and auto-engage safety features
  • Great value with all the included accessories


  • Lacks noise dampening
  • Trigger feel could be smoother


3. Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

It is a lightweight, fast and maneuverable crossbow perfect for going after deer. Weighing just 6.6 pounds, Barnett managed to keep this bow extremely lightweight while still delivering speeds up to 375 fps.

This crossbow Key features include the anti-dry fire trigger for safety and Step-Through Riser technology which shifts the bow’s center of gravity for better aim through its short but balanced frame. The Whitetail Hunter also comes equipped with a 4x32mm multi-reticle scope, Soft Lok floating arrow retainer, and safety reminders to keep fingers clear of the flight deck and path.

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow package includes everything you need to start hunting. Along with the illuminated scope, it comes with two 22-inch Headhunter arrows, a lightweight quiver, a rope cocking device and lubricating wax.

The well-balanced compact design makes this one of Barnett’s most maneuverable bows while still generating enough speed and power for hunting whitetail deer. It’s an accurate shooter right out of the box capable of tight shot groups. Potential drawbacks are the lack of noise dampening and a plastic trigger that feels a bit mushy.

Weighing under 7 pounds, the Barnett Whitetail Hunter offers a perfect blend of accuracy, speed and balance that’s easy to carry and handle in tight spaces. Deer hunters wanting an easy-to-manage crossbow that delivers downrange accuracy should give this one a hard look.

  • 375 fps speed
  • Lightweight at 6.6 lbs
  • Anti-Dry Fire trigger system
  • Step-Through Riser technology
  • 4x32mm multi-reticle scope
  • Shoots 22″ arrows


  • Extremely lightweight and balanced for easy handling
  • Generates good speed at 375 fps
  • Includes decent starter accessory package
  • Has safety features like anti-dry fire
  • Step-through riser improves balance and aim


  • Lacks noise dampening
  • Trigger feels a bit mushy


4. Excalibur TwinStrike TAC 2 Accurate DualFire CeaseFire Safety Hunting Archery Crossbow

The Excalibur TwinStrike TAC 2 crossbow is a game-changer for hunters looking to up their odds of taking down prey. Its innovative DualFire technology provides the unprecedented ability to accurately shoot two arrows in rapid succession from a single crossbow. This gives hunters a major advantage when seconds count.

We tested the TwinStrike TAC 2 on multiple hunting trips and shooting ranges. The dual trigger system allows you to quickly launch a follow-up shot, ideal for hitting a target that didn’t go down from the first arrow. Despite shooting two projectiles, accuracy stays tight thanks to the over/under quad limb and dual string design that guides both arrows straight and true through the riser.

At just 6.4 pounds, the lightweight yet durable skeletonized frame makes the TAC 2 easy to maneuver in treestands or ground blinds. The included Tact-100 illuminated scope zooms from 20 to 100 yards with pinpoint precision. Dialing in shots is effortless.

Safety features like the CeaseFire tech that blocks firing without a loaded arrow give additional peace of mind. The Rhino Nock’s audible click when latched loads confidence along with the bolt.

For hunters who won’t settle for average gear or odds, the Excalibur TwinStrike TAC 2 Crossbow delivers an ethical, effective and accurate solution. Its innovative dual shot capability truly changes the game. Just be warned – after using this crossbow in the field, you may never want to go back to traditional single shot designs again.

  • Dual Fire Capability
  • Shoots 16.5″ Arrows
  • Tact-100 Illuminated Scope
  • Skeletonized Frame
  • CeaseFire Safety Technology
  • Rhino Nock Audible Loading


  • Rapid follow-up shooting capability allows a second arrow to be quickly and accurately fired
  • Lethal accuracy and tight grouping thanks to innovative dual string/limb design
  • Lightweight and maneuverable tactical design built for hunting conditions
  • Long-range precision with illuminated 100-yard scope
  • Safety features prevent accidental firing


  • Increased complexity with dual firing mechanics
  • Shorter arrows may limit longer-distance shooting

5. TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow

Hunters looking for a narrow, lightweight crossbow that doesn’t sacrifice speed or accuracy need look no further than the TenPoint Titan M1. This complete redesign of a classic model trims 9.5 inches off the width while still slinging arrows at a blistering 370 FPS.

The secret lies in TenPoint’s new VX-5 cams which elongate the power stroke for added velocity. Despite the slimmer profile, the Titan M1 generates plenty of kinetic energy to achieve lethal, pass-through shots on prey. We found the cams incredibly smooth during testing, allowing for quiet operation during field use.

With the value-packed Titan M1, hunters get everything needed to head into the field. The package includes TenPoint’s excellent 3x Pro View scope for targeting out to optimal ranges. The ACUdraw or rope cocking device makes drawing the 185 pound draw weight manageable for hunters of any strength or size.

Once loaded, three TenPoint Pro Elite arrows tipped with practice points feed from a detachable instant 3-arrow quiver. The Viper TrueTimber pattern keeps the crossbow concealed during transport inside the included padded soft case. Molle straps allow adding accessories as desired.

For hunters wanting the legacy accuracy and quality of TenPoint’s industry-leading crossbows without breaking the bank, it’s impossible to beat the value of the svelte new Titan M1. It retains and improves upon all the key functionality that made its predecessor popular while trimming size and weight. Deft archers will find much to love in this smooth shooting revamp.

  • 370 FPS speed
  • Narrow forward-draw design
  • 3x Pro-View lighted scope
  • ACUdraw or rope cocking device
  • Instant detach 3-arrow quiver
  • 3 TenPoint Pro Elite arrows
  • Padded soft case with Molle straps
  • VX-5 cams for power and smoothness
  • Complete ready-to-hunt package


  • Blazing 370 FPS speed delivers kinetic power for lethal shots
  • Narrow forward-draw design easier to maneuver in field/treestand
  • Complete package includes arrows, scope, cocking device and case
  • Smooth VX-5 cams provide quiet and accurate shooting
  • Proven legacy TenPoint brand quality and accuracy
  • Great value for a feature-packed ready-to-hunt crossbow package


  • 185 lb draw weight may be difficult for some hunters to cock
  • Only includes 3 arrows – must purchase more to have full quiver
  • Soft case lacks hard shell protection in rough terrain

6. TenPoint Nitro 505 Crossbow 

For archers obsessed with speed, look no further than TenPoint’s corroborated record-breaking Nitro 505 crossbow. Clocking in at a physics-defying 505 feet per second, this reverse draw powerhouse achieves an earth-shattering 227 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Simply put, it’s the fastest and most powerful crossbow commercially available.

We tested the Nitro 505 extensively and can confirm it lives up to the hype. The reverse-cam system utilizes parallel limbs to create a perfectly balanced platform for blistering velocity without compromising world class TenPoint accuracy. Even at 100 yards, groupings stay tight thanks to upgraded Scope Struts stabilizing the EVO-X Marksman Elite scope for long range precision.

Rapid fire isn’t sacrificed either – the included ACUslide device provides near silent cocking and controlled de-cocking so follow up shots happen swiftly. When hunting opportunities are measured in seconds, Overdrive cam speed paired with CenterPunch arrows means hitting your mark before the target reacts.

While predominately geared for velocity, Tenpoint still squeezed in noise dampening with its patented Micro-Trac barrel. String to rail contact drops 50% for stealthy shots. The package also includes a 6-arrow tech quiver and padded TenPoint case to complete the hunt ready setup.

Simply put, archers wanting the absolute fastest shot in the sport with elite accuracy need look no further than the Nitro 505. Expect emptied pockets but for crossbow connoisseurs, this high-performance Lambo-esque weapon delivers blistering speed worth every penny.

  • 505 FPS speed – fastest crossbow commercially available
  • 227 ft-lb kinetic energy – most powerful crossbow ever
  • Reverse-draw design for power and balance
  • EVO-X Marksman Elite scope with custom reticle
  • Upgraded scope struts for long-range accuracy
  • ACUslide for near silent cocking/controlled de-cocking
  • 6 Evo-X CenterPunch premium arrows included


  • The fastest crossbow at 505 FPS provides devastating kinetic energy
  • The most powerful crossbow ever produced at 227 foot pounds
  • Reverse-draw design creates stability and balance for accuracy
  • Upgraded scope and accessories extend the accurate range
  • Silent ACUslide cocking/de-cocking enables rapid fire
  • MicroTrac tech reduces noise for stealthy shots
  • The complete package includes premium arrows and accessories
  • TenPoint’s reputation for quality, durability, and accuracy


  • A shorter power stroke limits kinetic energy transfer
  • Expensive proprietary arrows are required for optimum accuracy



Crossbow crank cocking technology has evolved rapidly, allowing hunters of all ages and ability levels to use high draw weights safely and with minimal effort. Built-in crank cockers lead the way in efficiency, consistency, safety during loading.

Of the many exceptional built-in crank models on the market, the Barnett Archery Hyper XP 405 Crossbow takes our best overall title for its fast and easy cocking module combined with sizzling downrange speeds topping 405 FPS.

For those wanting next-level versatility, BearX Intense’s Anti-dry fire mechanism lets you alternate between fast cranking and manual rope cocking depending on shooting needs. And Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow makes cranking 95% easier than competitors, engaging its full 165 pounds of draw weight with a mere 5 pounds of cranking force.

Any of these purpose-built crossbows with integrated cranking technology will give you confidence and consistency in the field while making high draw weights accessible. As crank cocking mechanisms continue advancing, crossbow hunting grows more exciting than ever before.

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